Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare by Fernanda Duarte

This project developed an add-on application for Twitter that measures whether a statement is true or false through biofeedback readings. The app relays the information to Twitter and automatically labels the tweet with a hashtag #true or #lie based on the values that were read by the sensor. This project was featured at the Carrack Modern Art Gallery in Spring 2014.

League of Legends Club Year-End Meeting

League of Legends Club Year-End Meeting Dr. Nicholas Taylor, Alex Hammond, Mally Dietrich

The League of Legends Club (faculty advisor Nicholas Taylor) hosted a year-end event that included an evening of gaming and fun!

Ambient Sole

The Ambient Sole by Jessica Elam-Handloff, Geoff Luurs, Sarah Evans

This project consisted of an Arduino-powered floor mat that generates sound effects through pressure sensor triggers. Ambient Sole invites us to consider both human and nonhuman agencies and encourage reflexivity within the performative nature of the experience. These encounters illuminate the typically hidden affective relations into which we enter in the everyday ambience of our environment.


immersiVerse by Dr. David Rieder, Sharon Joffee, Jim Knowles, Alisa Katz

This project is a digital exploration of W.B. Yeats’s poem, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree.” This project was shown at the hMarket Gallery in downtown Raleigh in November 2014. This piece used a Kinect-based framework that determined how the position and movement of people interacting with the piece and change the way sound and image were presented.

Defragging the FPS

Game Night: Defragging the FPS

Over the Fall 2014 Semester, people interested in the critical aspects of gaming gathered to look at the way in which the FPS has been (de-)(re-)constructed across a variety of games.


HornBot by Dr. David Rieder, Dana Raymond

Created in the Spring of 2014, this is a GPS-based project that sent live-data from cars driving in Raligh to an Arduino in the CAM Raleigh Gallery.

Tear-Down Thursday

Tear-Down Thursday with Jameson Hogan

A semester long series of tear-down projects was lead by Circuit Studio Research Assistant, Jameson Hogan. Intrepid CRDM students took apart various classic technologies including a teal iMac G3. 

Great American Roadtrip

The Great American Roadtrip by Lindsey Smith, Stacy Roberts, Matthew Booker, Chris Kampe

The Great American Roadtrip is a Twine game that follows the lives of people on the California trail using different technologies at different time periods. The prototype examines the last day of travel for a wagon caravan and an automobile, both arriving in Sacramento, California. The project compared and contrasted the methods of travel and experiences to form new historical research questions about the phenomenon of westering Americans.


Synesthypewriter by Jameson Hogan

This piece considers our relationship to words and stories by repurposing an artifact of the printed word to create unique collaborative visual documents. As the user types their story on the typewriter, colors are added instead of letters, forming words, sentences, and paragraphs entirely made of color. As each new user adds their own story, the document is irrevocably altered, and because their words are not readily discernible, they are in a sense "lost" to the greater meaning of the piece, just as our own words are lost to the cacophony of stories around us. But just as our voices are not canceled but amplified and mixed, so too does the addition of new typists create a grander, more complex and interesting composition.

Technical Docs

Technical Documentation Partnership by Brent Simoneaux

Simoneaux lead 23 undergraduate students in Engineering and Technology related fields to create technical documentation for users of the Circuit Studio based on user profiles, contextual interviews, site visits, and usability testing.